DD International Inc is formulated and promoted by great visionaries who excelled against all odds and laid the foundation, under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956. Our promoters firmly reap the benefits of a tremendous rise in the rice market and ensure various growth opportunities.

The group regularly reviews the performance of the Company and strategizes innovative policies in trade and food technology. The objective of the group offers globally appreciated long-grain, enticing aroma, tempting taste and non-stickiness basmati rice.

The Promoters share their vast experience and knowledge to serve the best quality products. Their combined understanding and capabilities on agro commodities offer varieties of rice qualities and competitive price across the globe.

The company excels and consistently meets the rising international standards. Its global presence and regular supply to various countries have established DD International Inc as leading Indian rice millers and exporters. The group’s constant and dedicated efforts successfully achieved the first Indian rice millers and exporters certification.

Apart, their strong distribution networks and sole objective to maintain a long-lasting relationship with its traders, dealers create a healthy working environment.