The foundation of DD International Inc is laid to fulfil its commitment towards enriching society. The company’s management team pays their special attention towards nurturing the society, and provide a healthy environment to its people, and lives in communities. We know that the welfare of economically and socially deprived sections of society is significant and can be successfully attainted.

We acknowledge their needs and provide good jobs, respect people, protect their workplace rights and support people to create a better and prosperous life. Our all efforts are derived to safeguard the society in a better and healthier manner.

The company’s major objective is to achieve outstanding results while offering education and knowledge for all. We aid various organizations to educate children as we know the growth of any country or community lies in the hands of the educated and civilized people.

Our aim to foster positive relationship within the communities we operate and encourage our employees to play an active role in the upbringing and helping the society. We are committed for strong achievements and CSR agenda to ensure the highest standards of safety and environment.