Corporate Profile


Today, DD International Inc is recognized as a world’s leading finest quality basmati rice millers and exporters. We hold a substantial share of the total Basmati exports from the country. Our three strong pillars - unparalleled quality products, unrivalled expertise and incomparable customer satisfaction beholds organization’s tremendous growth opportunities in the rice industry.

We have been exporting the world’s finest Basmati Rice to the overseas market since our inception. We incorporated in the year 1979, with a sole aim to offer the world-class basmati rice to domestic and international markets and achieve satisfaction.

The management team of DD International Inc comprises of highly qualified and experienced people who love to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Their cumulative efforts and passion for new ideas formulate the remarkable strategy and policies to sustain its name as foremost rice Millers and Exporters. The team member constantly monitors and manages the operational activities while offering world-class varieties of basmati rice to our national and international clients.

Our Product Range

The variations in physical, climatic conditions and the extent of exposure in Indian soils help our organization to offer various qualities of basmati rice. We feel pride that our widespread range of basmati rice is suitable for all sections of the society while contributing to the perfect blend of traditional and exotic flavours.

The entire range of basmati rice influences the different traditions and cultures and become a perfect eating partner for our clients. The Nature's Gift® Premium Basmati Rice, offers the  astonishing taste,  flavor, aroma and nutritional value to your Mughlai, Indian, Chinese or Continental cuisines.

Company Vision

At DD International Inc, we envision a long-lasting relationship with the language of food. Food has the power to connect different people and different cultures across the Globe. Simply, the food symbolizes tradition, quality and luxury in different flavours. We feel pride that our world’s finest long-grained and aromatic rice becomes an integral part of different communities and countries.

Our group extends the relationships beyond commodity sales while becoming the absolute staple choice of half the world's population. The company’s pleasure is to expel all horizons with a commitment to demonstrate excellence.

We have a vision “To be the No 1 company in the food and agro-industry, whilst enhancing people’s lifestyle and developing a unique means of taste.”

Professional Team

We have an expert panel and a dedicated research team that works in the field of agro commodities. They continually examine and develop innovative methods to procure and process the paddy. We believe that the growth of any company’s lies in the hands of its dedicated and hard-working team members.

We delight that our professional team members maintain healthy working decorum and deliver the best products. We timely update the technologies and machinery to support our organization personnel and working environment.

Warehousing And Logistic

DD International Inc warehousing and logistics forms an integral part of our business standards. Our sharp and steady focus on the key functions helps to gain a competitive edge over the rest of the market. We acknowledge the strategic importance of logistics and warehousing functions to deliver quality products to our national and international clients.

Our warehousing facilities comprises of 3,00,000 Square feet and innovative handling equipment for higher operational levels. The complete modus operandi undergoes stringent methods designed by experienced technical team members. We make our best efforts to enhance the entire procedure from storage to shipping the products.

Global Presence

The success behind the remarkable growth of DD International Inc is accredited to our partners and importers. Their support and trust in our brand enable our organization to enjoy the dominant position in diverse and competitive markets in the European Union & North America.

Our worldwide distribution networks and finest quality products help us to penetrate the Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries markets. We ensure to reach all the competitive markets while delivering satisfaction at all level.