About Us

  • DD International Inc is involved in manufacturing, processing, exports and domestic distribution of different varieties of Basmati Rice. 
  • A family-owned company with a focus on providing topmost quality Rice 
  • The company is the pioneer in the export of Parboiled Basmati Rice to Saudi Arabia since 1980 
  • The company sells under its own brand name “Nature’s Gift” and also undertakes private label for key export markets. 
  • Key Export markets include KSA, Iran, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand for the company. 
  • The Chairman of the company has been the president of All India Rice Exporters association for 6 Years and is now named as the Patron for the same for his contribution to India Basmati Rice. 
  • It has an expert panel and dedicated team that works in the field of Paddy and Rice. 
  • The Company has 75+ distributors across all the prominent markets of the country and is present through Modern Trade as well as Traditional Route.


"To be the leading company in the food and agro-industry, whilst enhancing people’s lifestyle & developing a unique means of taste. Our aim is to Make Every Meal a Celebration."

Core Values

  • Commitment to quality. 
  • Customer Delight. (Customer First) 
  • Responsibility to Give the best to our Customers Consistently
  • Build Partnerships and Unite to bring the finest product to our clients.
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Maintain the highest level of trust, business ethics and transparency
  • Strive to contribute to society
  • To excel in all horizons with a commitment to demonstrate excellence.